Brand consulting

Brand consulting is an integrated package of services that can help you find out what is happening or is going to happen with the brand. We do it not with the help of a crystal ball but with precise marketing research, analytics, and evidence-based design. Brand consulting is for you whether you are launching a new brand or product, entering a new market, thinking of rebranding, or realizing that a brand can work better.

When do you need brand consulting?

WHEN THERE IS A BUSINESS IDEA AND DOUBTS, it is worth implementing now, or maybe it is better to wait for a while. Or perhaps it is better to change the product. Or there is a better idea. 

The most successful brands never start from scratch. Usually, before launching, they begin with a lot of analytical work that is not visible to the average user. The only thing visible for end-up users is how the brand positions itself, what it says, and what it produces. And for some reason, the user likes all this. A lucky coincidence, isn’t it? It is not. For the brand to sink into the soul of the target audience, a whole team should work hard. Already at the start-up stage, it should be known how to attract and, most importantly, retain a consumer. Therefore, if your team does not have experience in developing new brands, then brand consulting is your lifesaver.


Has the brand’s position on the market faltered?  Has the interest of the audience fallen? Has the demand for a product or service decreased?

If the answer is yes, and before you panic, you should analyze everything and find the reason. And then try to solve it to achieve the best results. With the help of brand consulting, you can understand whether the marketing channels are working well and suitable for the product. It can also give clear information if the target audience is the right one and how consumers perceive the product. And only after receiving this information can you solve your brand problems.


Your company has been on the market for a long time. It has its history and corporate identity. There is also a target audience, but does it feel like you’ve hit the ceiling?

Brand consulting is ready to help here too. After all, the world around us is constantly changing, and the market does it along with it. Therefore, it is vital to keep up and match for the development and growth of brands. 

For example: You produce baby soap. Your primary audience has always been young mothers 20-35 years old, but ten years have passed. The audience’s core has grown older. Now they are women 30-45 years old with schoolchildren. And today’s young mothers already have entirely different interests, and the positioning of 10 years ago may be utterly incomprehensible to them.

Suppose you don’t want this to happen to you. In that case, you need to constantly monitor what is going on with the brand, how the audience behaves. And brand consulting is ready to help with that.


Are you a successful brand and want to expand your product line and already have some ideas? Fine! But first, there are several questions — will your target audience like your ideas, will sales be high, which packaging to choose to stand out on store shelves?

The answer to these questions is required before the product’s launch, but only if you want the product to be successful, of course.


Entering a new market even within the same country is a big thing, not saying about international promotion. Even the giants faced difficulties that could have been avoided by researching and brand consulting with marketing professionals. 

For example, Coca-Cola entered the Chinese market without changing its name and without even suspecting that it sounds like «Bite the tadpole in Chinese.» As a result, the name had to be changed, choosing suitable hieroglyphs. Now it is 可口可乐 (Kěkǒukělè) — «Mouth full of happiness.» But money was lost.

This problem is very easy to avoid — brand consulting.

Brand consulting stages

brand consulting stages

1. Immersion

We study the brand, its positioning, philosophy, goals, and audience.

2. Brand and marketing tools audit

Depending on the task and based on the information obtained in the first stage, we develop a research plan and select the best methods: interviews, polls, competitor analysis, and design research.

3. Identifying the problem

We find the reason why you required brand consulting.

4. Solution

We offer solutions based on our experience and knowledge of marketing methods working in different business areas. We help to find effective ways of company development.

5. Implementation

So that business consulting does not remain just information received but becomes a working tool. It is best to implement recommendations through an agency with all the necessary specialists on its staff. So you can be sure that the team of professionals is going to build the work competently, give tangible results, analyze the effectiveness, and adjust the strategy if required.

Brand consulting implementation methods

So, the brand and its competitive environment have been studied, and obstacles to growth and development points have been identified. What’s next?

Development of a brand platform — the foundation and basis of a successful business, with its philosophy and values, correct perception by the target audience, and detachment from competitors.

Positioning we create emotions, associations, and images that arise in the consumer when interacting with your product.

Brand identity — building the visual component of the brand based on the strategy.

Branding — creating an image of your brand in the eyes of customers

Rebranding — making your brand effective at the moment and changing the brand’s appearance in the eyes of the audience.

Promotion — large-scale advertising campaigns, content, and digital strategies for interacting with consumers in a comfortable environment for them — the Internet and social networks.

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