Graphic Design Trends 2024

As a real agency specializing in crafting high-quality and “talking” designs that resonate with their audience, we cannot but highlight the main trends, in our opinion, that will shape the industry in 2024. Last time, we talked about the trends of 2023; now, let’s see which graphic design trends have gained strength and whether new ones have emerged.

80% of small businesses say that the design of their branding/marketing materials is important, and 50.5% of marketers state that visual content is very important.

It is expected that by 2031, the demand for graphic design specialists will increase by 3% due to the growing need for creative content in various industries.

Here is our shortlist of graphic design trends for 2024:

Minimalism and Cleanliness

This trend emphasizes the use of simple and strong visual solutions, including clean lines, limited color palettes, and human-readable fonts. Minimalism seeks to create impact by minimizing the number of elements used.

Brand Identity for the RBU2

Typography as the Main Element

In this graphic design trend, the emphasis is on innovative and creative use of fonts and text compositions. This includes experimenting with layout, size, color, and style for uniqueness and expressiveness.

Afisha Logo Development
NEXT STEP 22 Typography Logo

Mixing Traditional and Digital Art

This trend implies the integration of classical artistic methods with modern digital technologies to create unique visual effects. It involves using styles of famous artists or designers in graphic design while adapting them to modern methods.


Multicultural and Inclusive Design

Here, the main role is played by the importance of representing the diversity of cultures and communities in design. This direction emphasizes diversity and inclusivity in visual communications.

73% of companies invest in graphic design to differentiate their brand.


3D and AR

The development and integration of 3D graphics and augmented reality (AR) open new opportunities for interactivity and immersion in brands. This means that generative design will increasingly save financial and time resources for companies.

KFC character’s development for 3D heroes in AR


This 1980s printing technique from Japan has evolved significantly. Since 2023, this trend has been completely rethought for digital abstract graphics. The graininess of textures adds depth and noise to the minimalism style and is increasingly seen in agency cases.

19% of companies spend more than $10,000 a year on graphic design.

Risograph technique case – Cà Phê Con Leche
El Malo Risograph Case


Going against the “rules” and traditional canons has never been so appealing! Today, a trend is emerging that moves against pop culture and popular trends, such as minimalism or flat design, featuring bright color schemes. Its main characteristics include asymmetric shapes, bold typography, and a dark color palette.

Working with a Subscription Agency

This is also noted as one of the growing graphic design trends by the agency Primary. The sector is developing dynamically; some designers are still working remotely, while others are doing side projects or opening small studios. At the same time, design tools and the use of AI increase the speed at which designers can work, communicate, and deliver results. Customers expect much more in less time, and designers are seeking new ways to work so that income is predictable and regular. As a result, the productization of design work increases: designers offer package tariffs with a fixed set of services. Customers pay for a monthly subscription. Almost every web development agency offers this.

Brand Sprints

In today’s business environment, making smart and quick decisions is very important. Therefore, the direction of business sprints is gaining popularity, where designers quickly assemble graphic solutions in a short period without conducting thorough selection or limiting themselves in ideas.

Kinetic Identity is Still Gaining Popularity

Today, kinetic typography is increasingly used as a central element of branding. Its strength lies in the fact that such a solution emphasizes dynamism and movement in design, which is highly valued in projects.

94% of people believe their first impression of a company is design-related.

Mailchimp case by DIA

Abstract Geometry

Abstract geometry is gaining popularity in 2024, as designers increasingly adopt the idea of “organized chaos.” This involves using a large number of geometric shapes and compositions that are abstract and do not carry a simple and quickly readable meaning.

Branding for the Orchestra of the Americas Academy

Schematic Representation

In modern design, conveying complex concepts in an easily accessible manner is more important than ever. Therefore, graphic designers are increasingly using schematic representations, as they create a clearer visual story that is easier to understand, especially when the project or solution is quite complex.

Schematic explanation of the logo for MAM from Pentagram

Eco-Orientation is Still a Trend

It is also important to seek design solutions that are environmentally friendly not only in visual presentation but also in implementation, which will help to use resources more efficiently. This trend also affects the avoidance of “cloying” and “artificiality” – today, more and more designers are striving for an organic feel, and especially in the FMCG category, they often emphasize environmental friendliness through design solutions.

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