Develop a corporate identity

Developing a corporate identity is never a designer’s whim, but a meticulous strategy-based process for building a brand’s visual component. Corporate identity is the first thing a client notices. The initial impression, associations, and tactile sensations — are critical to creating a company’s holistic image.

Our agency develops corporate identity based upon evidential design, our unique proprietary methodology. Initially formulated by the founder of the Moloko agency, it empowers us to conduct a visual analysis of competitors to identify niches that a company can occupy. Evidential design rules out any subjectivity. You will know precisely why a specific element, color, font, or idea is used in your corporate identity.

Corporate identity: the basic package

The basic corporate identity development package comprises the analysis of competitors’ visual elements and the development of two or three concepts. We demonstrate the result of a corporate identity using 3 to 4 carriers: a business card, letterhead, and pattern while clarifying the underlying idea and outlining its scalability capacity.

Each brand mandatorily acquires its color code as the brand colors are identified. Another must is the font — a license is purchased, if necessary, or a unique font is developed.

Develop corporate identity: where to begin?

Everything starts with a brief, where we learn essential information about your company, services, competitors, goals, and objectives. It enables us to develop technical specifications that will underpin the entire project. The brief helps us understand how our client wishes to benefit from its corporate style, and what exactly our agency is supposed to achieve.

What tasks can be solved by corporate identity?

  • Differentiation from competitors A crucial challenge in the development of a new brand. It is essential to figure out as early as the research phase which color segments are occupied by competitors, how they communicate, and how their corporate identities are involved in communication.

  • Entry into a new market. A single country or an international effort — in either case, it is crucial to understand how to stand out, capture attention, and find an audience in a new place. This also applies to marketing a new product, because every product must have its own precise positioning while complying with a company’s general style.
  • Increased brand value, and more robust brand positioning. This one is about a facelift and creating a brand’s holistic visual image. These are quality cosmetic procedures that improve a brand’s performance. Many may not notice these changes, but they will help a company generate revenue and strengthen its brand.

  • Rebranding. “Refreshing a brand” is a mission that is almost identical to when you enter a new market. The only difference is that there is a core audience, with which you already engage. What is important now is not to lose your audience, but to find a way to grow it. To this end, as part of design research, we look at how to reinforce the visual differentiation from competitors, rejuvenate a brand’s visual style and ensure a sustainable connection between new and old consumers.

What is design research?

The first phase in corporate identity buildup is design research, which we conduct based on the evidential design methodology. This research enables us to view the entire competitive field and segment it in terms of visual components to make sure in which visual field the company should settle in order to stand out in the market or launch a successful rebranding campaign.

Design research helps us screen out those ideas that should be avoided during the development of a corporate identity. We also clearly see the market trend and can predict what your visual style should look like so that it does not become obsolete in a few years.

From our research on medical center logos

What do the basic and advanced packages include?

When we develop a corporate identity in the basic version, a client views everything on a business card, letterhead, pattern, and one or two more unique carriers. The color and the font that the brand will be using in future communications are mandatorily picked.

The advanced corporate identity package may include any necessary elements: social media design, development of corporate attire, branding of corporate vehicles, office, and other unconventional elements. The main objective of any corporate identity that we create is its scalability to be used for any carrier without losing the idea.

We adhere to the position that each corporate identity carrier has its goals and objectives. Any branding should be subject to a clear understanding of how it will work for the needs of the company in the future.

Football club “Dinamo Minsk” branding

Who develops corporate identities at the Moloko agency?

Creative Director – Denis Misyulya

Building up a corporate identity is a team effort. The creative director works on the develop a corporate identity, helping to find an idea and incarnate it into the brand ID. The art director and designers work on design research, jointly create all the elements and develop the concept based on the approved idea. Customer communication is handled by a dedicated account manager. Where necessary, a strategist is engaged to assist during the research phase.

Timeframe for corporate identity development

It takes from 4 to 8 weeks to develop a corporate identity. The period depends on the number of concepts offered, the complexity of the market, where design research will be conducted, and the number of carriers to be presented to the customer. The total period does not include the briefing phase, because here everything depends on the client. The sooner we have all the necessary information, the sooner we can embark on research and start developing your corporate identity.

Tourist brand for Miory Region
Learn the cost of corporate identity development

The cost of corporate identity development is always calculated individually since there is no standard for the required number of carriers and complexity of graphics, with which we will have to deal.

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