Moloko Creative won Clutch Global & Champion and was recognized as the best company of the year in 5 categories

Another ringing of medals. According to the results at the end of the autumn, the agency has received the Clutch Global Leader and Clutch Champion awards. Moreover, at the end of the year, Moloko Creative received the status of Clutch TOP Company in 5 categories: Creative Agency, Branding Company, Packaging Design Company, Graphic Design Company, and TOP Packaging Design Company in Advertising & Marketing.

«I am pleased to announce that you are the best of the best! You are in the top 10% of the best companies in the world, according to Clutch,» congratulated Sonny Ganguly, CEO of Clutch. «This honor is bestowed upon outstanding companies that consistently exceed expectations by demonstrating themselves to be true leaders in their fields. We are incredibly proud to partner with such agencies and look forward to reaching even greater heights together.»

This is evidence of our individualized work with clients this year. The positive feedback and reviews on Clutch’s profile reflect our clients’ satisfaction and confidence in our services.

This year, we received a new Clutch Champion award! It is usually given to only 10% of Clutch Global winners, recognizing high levels of professionalism and customer satisfaction, continued growth, and recognition worldwide. Clutch Global is the official recognition of expertise in the global B2B services sector.

«A rigorous research methodology and unbiased customer feedback ensures that only the most deserving companies are honored as Clutch Champions and Global Leaders. Last year we were also included in the list of Top 15 best agencies in the world according to Clutch,» emphasized Denis Misyulya, Managing Partner of Moloko Creative.