COVID and the Future of Design

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has forced businesses around the world to readjust to these trying times. As a company that is as open to the market as possible, we have directed our resources in two different ways. 

First, we started to help small businesses for free and hold various consultations and creative marathons. In these, each business can report its problem and we will solve it using creative methods, offering interesting promotions. All these actions are free. 

The second block of assistance is budget creative express solutions. We have established a symbolic bar of 200 dollars for one creative decision. For example, if you have problems and you don’t know what to do with clients, we can develop, schedule and show you a solution that can be implemented tomorrow. All this is prepared in 24 hours by our creative team. One order equals one creative solution. 

The third part of our response is the personal support of our creative director. He has worked for over ten years on the client side and has survived two economic crises. Every day he tells a story from his past in which he shares his experience of what he did in past crises in terms of marketing, design, and team management. He has already released over 15 stories, and this is just the beginning. 

We’re also supporting our employees. When we were organizing the business, we created a system so that the agency employees always had projects inside the company. For instance, we made a map of Minsk and a notebook on content marketing, which can be used by absolutely any company to freely create themes for their corporate media. 

Furthermore, we create internal developments. For example, we are the first agency that created and implemented the evidence-based design of identity. This allowed the client to have a better understanding of the product that he or she will use in the future. All our design is based on long-term research and each client gets a solution that will work accurately against the competition. Although we are a small creative agency, we already have our systems, research, and developments that help many clients to improve their businesses.

We’re moving forward to help our community and our clients. We take our clients’ business incredibly seriously, which is why we have such stellar reviews on The Manifest. The Manifest allows you to connect with companies in your area, and to access ratings and reviews of top B2B service providers. We have a perfect 5.0-star rating, including a review from Alena Makouskaya, the Director of CSO World Association of Belarusians Homeland who praised our video production work.