Moloko Creative received silver at the Global Design IT Awards

On December 13, South Korea hosted the awarding of the Design IT Awards, which annually celebrates the best works in the information technology field. 

The agency’s work – identity for CTDev smart company — won silver in the Visual Communication Design category! 

The identity built on binary code is largely the basis of the IT industry. We have created a unique and simple identification system for the company, in which there was a place for personalization and it adapts as easily as possible to any needs of the company.

The work was evaluated according to such criteria as the innovation of the concept, functionality, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics of execution.

Moreover, in addition to the silver statuette of the Global Design IT Awards, the CTDev case was previously awarded a special prize by the Korean Federation of Design Industries (KODIA).

The Design IT Awards is a contribution to the development of the information technology market from graphic to industrial design.