History of the Belarusian Book


Union of Belarusan Writers


To design an animated video

«Who are we ?» — it is necessary to expand the Belarusian book.


We are those who created thousands of wonderful books, who went through centuries of trials, who built the modern state of Belarus, the first bricks of which were laid by Francis Skarina with his books half a Millennium ago. This is the idea we reflected on in this project.


We have placed 5 centuries of the history of Belarusian printing in a 3-minute video, in which we have consistently recreated in animated form all the significant events that somehow influenced the formation of the Belarusian book.



Moloko Ltd seems to be very involved. We feel that they treat our product as their own one. It they did not know something about the history and culture, they kept their ears open. So, we feel that we are not the client, but a partner who is working on a project that is important to all of us
Alena Makouskaya, director of CSO World Association of Belarusians Homeland