To develop corporate magazine concept and editorial design


The publication is aimed at narrow specialists, and not at a wide audience, the texts in the journal are specialized: there is no goal to entertain the reader and give quick information that can be caught on the go. The design is intended to emphasize this seriousness: a small font size, neat inconspicuous headlines, the absence of elements that manipulate attention on the page — all this brings the publication closer to the popular science one that visually separates as much as possible from the image of entertainment media.

At the same time, all the necessary principles of readability of large text are strictly maintained: the optimal type has been selected, sufficient contrast of different text blocks has been selected, footnote and insertions are provided that will help to focus attention, not to get lost in a large amount of information.


Style Elements

A unique style was fully created for the publication and all the elements that should be used in the editorial design of the following numbers are spelled out. We paid particular attention to quotations and numbers as the most important details in the business press.



Since the publication will be distributed not within a separate team, but among a variety of banks that are familiar with many other printing products (perhaps with their corporate press), it is important to make the design of the BELCARD publication stand out. The association with Belkard Payment System should be obvious, but unobtrusive. The advantage here is the blue corporate color, which is associated with the corporate identity of BELCARD (both against the background of other payment systems and the background of most banks).


Cover concept

All described principles should be reflected on the cover to immediately make it clear to the reader which edition he holds/sees on the screen. The main function of the cover should be preserved: stand out, and attract attention. Among the variety of modern printing, a laconic cover with a small number of colors and a quote looks very peculiar, which means it will be noticeable.