Burger House — logo, identity and marketing strategy



Cafe «Zvezdnaya Ploshad», on which site Burger House is now located, for many years, was one of the most popular in Mogilev. But by 2017, both the menu and the positioning of the cafe were pretty outdated and needed serious updating.

The new format — the burger cafe — helped to update the name of both the cafe and the takeaway spot. Burger House — inside, Burger Point — takeaway. By changing the style, tone, and presentation, we changed the audience. Burger House has become an attractive place for young people, who are now spending time near the cafe on the benches, hanging out near Burger Point and actively participating in cafe events.


People quickly found out about updates not only in Mogilev but also in Minsk. Minsk bloggers came to Burger House on purpose to try delicious BBQ ribs and huge burgers. The new cafe is highly rated by critics. Of course, there were mistakes, but Burger House figured out how to quickly recognize and correct them. In the cafe, there appeared special employees of Quality Control, who collected an opinion from the visitors about the quality of service and food served before payment. Based on the reviews, the entire cook staff received ratings. Thus it was possible with an increase in volume not to lose quality.

There are still no large fast food chains in Mogilev, there are not enough cafes and places where you can take away food in just a couple of minutes. Therefore, Burger Point is the right decision in terms of the positioning of the cafe, which allowed the audience to form a positive opinion and ensured a constant get-together at the cafe.


The advantageous difference between Burger House and the mass of other cafes is not only in attitude towards the audience and the introduction of something new for the residents of the city. First of all, this is a special relationship to the products. All dishes are prepared before serving.  Only fresh ingredients are used, which are delivered to the cafe in the morning and stored in a refrigerated chamber. For burgers, no ingredient is frozen. All sauces have a unique recipe. Chef from Ukraine Roman Kolomeets built the work in the kitchen and brought his authoring experience, participating in the development of the Burger House menu.


Updates touched not only the corporate identity and logo of the cafe. We worked on the Burger Point design, created stickers for each burger, selected the form for the waiters, working with the social networks audience, and worked through the product delivery kit (package, packaged burger, packaged french fries, and more). A special burgers feed was developed: on a special board, with counterfeit and a flag. We also held the Burger House opening party and the white party in honor of the launch of a white burger.

Now Burger House is one of the favorite places of young people in Mogilev. And this is just the beginning. All the most delicious ahead.