Rakuten Viber


Creation of a communication design system for b2b

Viber is a popular application for messaging, calling, and video. The messenger is probably familiar to everyone. Therefore, every interaction of Viber with people or businesses should be clear, stylish, and understandable. This is exactly what a design system and communication are for, especially for b2b. And Rakuten Viber representatives approached us with just such a task.


We had to adapt the system within the corporate identity of the company but, at the same time, create something new, suitable for communication with the business. To develop all the necessary elements: templates for presentations and mailings, media/sales kits, mockups, and visual design of social networks. Guideline for complete order and convenience of working with the system.


What a solution we have developed:

Design System

The laconic style for the design system with a limited color palette for focusing on important details without weighing down the background. These are light and soft elements that do not irritate the eyes. Indeed, in b2b communication, a message and an idea are important, and this is what we focused on.

In addition, this style shows calm and confidence, presenting Viber as a reliable partner that has something to show and offer to the business without distracting attention with too bright banners.



A message that demonstrates to businesses the importance of adapting to changes in society. Since the expectations of users from interacting with companies have also changed. More and more people prefer not to call but write, and receive the fastest possible response, in real-time. Businesses need to take these requests into account to remain effective and relevant.
It is important to focus on the convenience and comfort of the user because the success of the brand depends on him. To work on building strong, effective, long-term relationships with the customer through interaction at any stage of their journey.

Modern technologies make messenger not only a means of communication but also a full-fledged business platform that allows attracting attention, interacting, making transactions, and staying in touch. Viber will help to safely and effectively implement all these features to build successful relationships with users, and thus a successful business.



Creative Director – Denis Misyulya
Art Director — Olga Lobanok
Designer — Alexander Kazyukevich
Manager — Olga Kazyaba
Account Manager — Anastasia Rabyko
Account Manager — Veronika Khomyak