To create craft new year gift cards


New Year is the time of fulfillment of the most cherished desires. On this day friends are getting closer and families — are stronger. It gives hope for the best and gives many gifts and pleasant emotions. For Ecohome, as for any other family-owned company, this day is special. Just like a strong and close-knit family, they have their traditions, which they cherish. This year they shared the most important of them. In late December, the last shipment of wood in the year is brought to manufacture. From it, they select the most beautiful pine and saw off a small piece, which is carefully stored.

With the help of this cut the Moloko agency has created unique cards. Annual rings symbolize past years’ victories and achievements. This is the memory of the best that Ecohome would like to share with its beloved customers. After all, they became part of their close-knit family.