CTDev — Binary identity and communication

CTDev — Binary identity


CTDev company, which is a provider of IT services in the field of secondary insurance.


Develop a new logo and corporate identity.

Course of thought

CTDev develops software for insurance companies in the banking sector, so we have uploaded the following advantages and principles to the mental map:

  • software development;
  • reliability;
  • stability;
  • professionalism;
  • honesty and openness;
  • confidence in the future;
  • expertise.

Software development involves programming, working with code that is subsequently processed and converted into a set of simple characters – binary code. Binary code is a way of representing data in the form of a code in which each digit takes one of two possible values, usually denoted by the digits 0 and 1. That is, any information is encrypted with the signs 0 and 1.


Use binary code as a key graphic element.

Using binary code, you can encrypt any information. Therefore, we have developed the concept of a graphical element where security keys are collected from 0 to 1. 


The main logo consists of graphic and text parts. The colors of the main version are purple and dark blue.

Graphic sign of the logo

The sign consists of keys assembled from binary code, is a recognizable element of the logo, and can work as an independent element (favicon, corporate documentation element, social media avatar icon), and style-forming (for example, as part of a pattern).

The text part of the logo

The front part of the logo combines uppercase and lowercase letters. We have developed a unique headset that is used only in this logo: the capital letters CTD move smoothly from sign to sign, forming the best connection between them. Also, a mirror image of the letter C is used here to get the letter D.


Pattern system

Based on the graphic element of the logo, which consists of digits 1 and 0, we have obtained various patterns, which are the main style-forming element of the identity.


Personalized patterns

We encode the employee’s data with a binary code (first name, last name, position, the motto for life, etc.), thereby obtaining a unique, personalized pattern.


Color palette

Since CTDev combines IT and financial industries, blue shades were chosen as the color scheme, because they always evoke positive emotions, tell us about stability, openness, and calmness, and cause a sense of trust.

The main color palette consists of 4 shades: Blue, Violet, Dark Blue, and White. We have also developed a system for displaying the logo in monochrome and a system for proportional color combinations in the layout.


Signs for key information

With the help of a simple graphic element of the key, which is present in the logo, you can focus on text blocks and pictures. Here we used the key as an element that opens all doors and locks.

The icon in the form of a key can exist as an independent graphic element on the layout as a bullet. Using the key, you can select a certain text part, and headings, and also use it instead of standard markers in the text of presentations, tables, etc.


Done in 14 days:

Logo rebranding — 7 days
Identity development — 7 days


Creative Director – Denis Misyulya
Art director – Olga Lobanok
Designer – Elena Razenkova
Designer – Maxim Artemenko
Account Manager – Veronika Khomyak