Designs are part of the New Year collection and inspired by the countries of origin of the brands: France, Cuba, Ireland and Mexico.

Havana Club

A series of illustrations are featuring the tradition of celebrating the new year in Cuba, alongside with it homemade delicious cocktails, according to the recipes of the venerable bartenders.


The center of the illustrations is celebratory Mexico, with its essential attributes: colorful and bright colors of festive country, as well as the sounds of guitars and maracas and the main symbol of the upcoming holiday — a cactus decorated with a garland.


The illustrations are based on a traditional french Christmas Eve scenario, with it baked turkey, croissants and invigorating aperitif, Lillet, which surely creates a festive mood throughout holidays.


Vivid illustrations describe Irish Christmas feast with its pastries, strong alcohol by the side of traditional holly wreath and mistletoe. And of course, the invigorating blend — hot coffee with strong whiskey.
“Sláinte!” The Irish shout in one voice.




This project was realized in short time which practically didn’t affect the quality. Big plus was the operational communication, understanding of the customer’s brands and a high level of creativity in the development of design materials. In General, we were satisfied with the results of cooperation with Moloko
The opinion of the representatives of the company Pernod Ricard Minsk about results of the project «Guide of New Year’s traditions»