It’s all about cheese


Savushkin Product


To develop the fifth edition of a branded cookbook


The concept of non-(Belarusian) traditions

It is possible to cook classic food of other cultures with local products, and we will show you how to do it.

Each type of cheese has its own unique history: its country of origin, taste characteristics, how to prepare it and what to serve with. We did a real tour around the world, talking about each type of cheese. We presented this story through visual and interesting infographics and recipes of national cuisine with cheeses from Savushkin Product. This book is a real cheese sommelier in a country famous for its dairy products.



Development of the creative concept of the book, shooting accompaniment, design, technical layout and texts –
Moloko Creative Design Agency
Photographer – Yuri Iluhin
Food stylist – Natalya Tulup
Chef – Vadim Belyaev
Project manager – Elena Babkina
Editors – Olga Bobek, Ekaterina Poluyanovich


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