John Dory


John Dory


Packaging design for frozen seafood


The aim was to bring the old brand to the market of frozen products under the new brand name. This brand is represented in Minsk by a small retail chain SeaFoodBar by John Dory. Brand products are high-quality, mostly chilled seafood.
The target audience is the adherents of quality products who are looking for an alternative to chilled seafood and fish.


First, we used sand as a background, which was a direct reference to the sea. Secondly, we used only two colors. The main color is scarlet, bordered by bright orange. It reflects the color of tuna meat and shrimp. The scarlet color highlights the name and benefits of the product on the package. And we added the additional color of saturated blue. This is a hint of seawater. All the elements and illustrations are lined with soft sand from the bottom of the sea. We also added fishing nets, and the illustrations of tuna and shrimp create a vintage mood for the whole package.

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