To design an animated video

On the anniversary of the Berlin Wall, we made a real rap battle for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which shows a historical retrospective of this period.

The main characters — Konrad Adenauer and Walter Ulbricht — talk about their formation, argue about ideologies, boast about their achievements, and convince each other that they are right. Look to the end, and we promise you that all of you will sing.

Color coding of the video

The lyrics of this video are difficult, with metaphors and historical references, so we wanted to ease the perception of the visual part. For this purpose, we introduced the color marking of scenes, which helps to understand which of the main characters is speaking. So, when the word is taken by Konrad Adenauer, the head of the western part of Germany, the scenes are filled with airy blue color, which is associated with freedom and a bright future. When Walter Ulbricht speaks, the roller is painted red, which emphasizes his commitment to the Communists. For the remarks, we used additional colors: dirty burgundy for the memories of war and wine, blue for the story of the girl who was dispossessed, and so on.



Moloko Creative LLC published the project. They had an effective workflow and were very flexible

Jakob Wöllenstein,
Director, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Belarus