Comic Book for KFC using AR


This story is a Limited Edition, which tells about the exciting adventures of Colonel Sanders and his assistants, who go on a journey searching for a Secret recipe.

In addition to Sanders, who is well known to everyone, the team has developed unique characters: Captain Crispy, Lady Strips, Basket Bro, and Chad Free, whose images the team created in a completely non-standard way, using AR technology for this. The characters and the comics are made in the iconic American style, famous for the Marvel and DC comics. But that’s not all: by scanning the QR code, you can see the characters we already love in 3D dancing in augmented reality!

In addition to an exciting story, the comic book can fill in the missing places with stickers, which can be found in the Kids Basket, the naming for which was also developed by the agency. And if there is no comic book, stickers can be a beautiful decoration for your favorite diary, notebook, or tablet.

The comic book can be found in KFC restaurants, and stickers can be found in Kids Basket!



Done in 55 days.


Creative Director – Denis Misyulya
Management – Olga Kaziaba, Veronika Khomyak
Creator – Darya Ivashka
Illustration – Alyona Salatova
Designer – Valeryia Kaziuchyts