Francisk Skaryna – «European Superstar»


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung


To develop an animated video dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Francisk Skaryna.

By the 500th anniversary of book printing in Eastern Europe, it was necessary to create a video for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation that would tell about this historical event and the founder of the book printing – Francisk Skaryna. We decided to create a whole animated story that describes the path of the Belarusian printer while revealing the Slavic culture in a new form.
Part 1. Becoming a “European Superstar”

At the very beginning, Captain Skaryna begins to tell us his story. How he, guided by the stars, determined his path and overcame various difficulties to find his destination.
Part 2. Success
In the second part of the plot, the fact is revealed that Francisk Skaryna has found his destiny, becoming the most famous printer who has brought a lot to our culture today, because we have been using the «fruits» of his discoveries for 500 years!
Part 3. Background
In this storyline, the background of Skaryna’s path is revealed: how he never gave up and persevered, expanded his horizons, and learned a lot of new things before devoting himself to the cause of his life.
Part 4. The “ocean of books»
Francisk Skaryna travels through the “ocean of books»: here we get acquainted with his original texts of the Bible, with the images of illustrations that were printed in them. This part also reflects difficult moments: when lightning strikes the ship, and the Russian coat of arms appears – it is a symbol of the historical event when Francisk was expelled from the Moscow Principality as a Catholic, and his books were burned.
Part 5. Small travel book
The culmination part of the video tells us about the results of Francisk Skaryna’s journey: throughoutthe “European Superstar” video, Captain Skaryna keeps writing something down in his “logbook” — inthe final scene, when it is handed over to a person, the book symbolizes the very “Small Travel Book»that was first published in Vilna printing house and became accessible to the people.

Done in 30 days


Creative Director – Denis Misyulya
Management – Olga Kaziaba, Veronika Khomyak
Creator – Anastasia Eliseeva
Lyrics, vocals – Jakob Wöllenstein, Lavon Volski
Storyboard, illustration, and animation – Alyona Salatova, Rita Tikhanovich, Alexandra Khutnaya
Video production – Creative agency «Moloko»
Music – Augustinas Bėkšta, Beat Making Cosmobeat