Wine label design: 19 examples that are much more than just a label

Wine label design is always a search for an idea that can not only attract attention but quickly convey the necessary information to the consumer. Some wine labels are created without clear rules, but they attract attention with their idea. Our creative director Denis Misyulya collected 19 interesting examples of the wine label design.

Obvious Wines

A non-trivial solution in the approach to working with labels from Obvious Wines. There are no cool illustrations, expensive paper, or anything else to impress you. But there is a solution to the problem. The label design is created to convey to the customers what kind of wine is in front of them. The front side immediately tells you about the taste, and the back side contains information on what to pair the wine with. Digital gradation makes it easy for both users and employees to navigate within the company when compiling various reports.

Blank Mariner

Dorian agency work

The solution in the design of the wine label is so simple but unusual and memorable — slightly lift the label as if there is something under it.

Finca de la Rica

Dorian agency work

The kind of wine label design that’s great for situations «when you have drunk everything and you need to do something».

The Cost Vineyard

Work of Sandstorm Design agency

This is the work of Sandstorm Design agency, in which they designed 12 unique labels — for each wine crate separately — they were clippings from local newspapers that told about Pino Noir by The Cost Vineyard. The low harvest level — only 350 bottles — opened a unique creative opportunity for the authors of the wine label design concept.

Each label is a newspaper clipping from headings that have appeared in the region’s local newspaper. The first label is from the first page, the second — is from the page with opinions, the third — is from the advertising spread, and so on.  Information about the wine itself appeared unobtrusively in each note, which was underlined by the authors of the labels. Buyers, therefore, rarely encountered repeated labels of this wine.


Was created as a unique Christmas gift by The Creative Method

Drinking wine is half the battle. You can also play with stickers and create your character. We believe that this idea of developing a wine label can be easily cloned for the upcoming New Year holidays to create a craft gift for your customers.


By Ismael Figini

As you know, most designers borrow ideas. For example, the design of a label for Argentine wine by Ismael Figini reflects a difficult year for Argentina, but at the same time encourages people to reconcile, enjoy wine, and believe that things will get better.

It seems to us that the idea of developing this label is taken from a popular meme, but the implementation is attractive and we would buy such a bottle for our shelf.

But Lievre is a fictional brand that was created by a designer to do this work.

El Jefe

Wine Packaging Design by Moruba

The label design for El Jefe wine is unique in that customers are asked to go on a quest to understand who El Jefe is. It’s like the best police movies. The label has become a fact board.

This is a rather unusual move for a wine label.


Design for a wine brand by Zeynep Orbay

It is a visual effect that has a message to «open» part of the package, that is, to reach for the bottle. This is a good solution for designing a wine label to make the Mahrem bottle stand out on the shelf.

Punto de Fuga

Design by Moruba

The idea for the label of Punto de Fuga, Corral del Mate is special. The idea is that the wine is created by the Viña Zorzal family in collaboration with Matias Michelin, a pioneer of biodynamic winemaking in the Uco Valley of Argentina. The connection of the rhythm of two hearts was the basis of the label design of this wine.

It is possible to fantasize a little more. You can add acuity to the perception of the history of a wine label if you create a design when certain moments (amplitudes) on the ECG are taken as a basis (for example, excitement, before the first glass is tasted).

Seré Breve

Design: Carlota Carrillo and Mercè Puig Project Type: Student Project

Seré Breve (trans. I’ll be short). It is a gift-wrapped wine that the ethnology students from the University of La Rioja decided to present to their families. For this limited-edition wine, they designed a label that allowed them to send a short message to their family. It was possible to compose various variations of sentences with the help of removable word stickers. Blank stickers were developed for personalization, on which they could write their name, for example.  So, they were able to make a gift to their families and say warm words without leaving home.


School of Design of La Rioja

This is an interesting format for how you can use a wine label to tell a little bit more about the place where the wine is made. Specifically in this project, you will have to look up «riojanisms» (words that are used in the La Rioja region) and match them with ordinary words. It works like this: pick up a word and see a number, then find an analog with the same number. Voila. You have learned a new word. So, wine label design is both interesting and useful.

‘Il vicolo’ Marche IGT Rosato

Design: Andrea Castelletti Studio

There is the narrowest street in the town of Ripatransone in Italy, which is 43 centimeters wide. The label design on the bottle of ‘Il vicolo’ Marche IGT Rosato wine graphically reflects the idea of being on this street.

7 Pecados Lujuria

Designed by Sidecar

Wine producers have to constantly look for options to highlight their products on the shelf. For example, 7 Pecados Lujuria uses a female fishnet stocking in the label design.

Pietramore Méthode Ancestrale

Here is the Pietramore Méthode Ancestrale wine label, which reflects the power of nature and the interaction of heaven and earth. Macro photos of the stones were taken to design the label for this wine to reflect their beauty. The stones were selected for the constellations. The constellations are reflected on the label and applied with luminescent UV varnish. It looks amazing. True, when you look at the label without a description, you don’t even think about any stones.


Winemaker Johannes Gruber from the Austrian city of Mittelberg wanted to develop a design for his wine labels that would tell the story of his city and be a calling card. This is how the idea of a wine city was born, which was placed on the labels. On various types of wine, you can find images from the old church on Grüner Veltliner Square to the picturesque hotel on Hermichter Zatz street. The idea helped to connect the place and the wine, and the visual component of the product only benefited from this.

Label & Litho Printing promotional project

Label & Litho Printing made this wine bottle design to showcase their new printing technology. I think it’s a great move, especially if you make such a label at a time when everyone is thinking about gifts for the new year (July-August). Not only the press was advertised, but also the possible game on the bottles.

Šuran Wines

The label for the biodynamic wine Šuran Wines, on which the most important characteristics of biodynamic farming are written in small print (enrichment of soil with natural preparations, that significantly increase the microbiological activity of the soil). The phrases form layers of soil. They are written in different languages (Italian, English, and German).  The text also contains words written by the Italian scientist, researcher, and activist Carlo Petrini, who founded the Slow Food International movement. He calls for environmental awareness and criticizes mass food production, invoking a return to farming traditions. You need a magnifying glass to read the text, which can be found on the lid of the package. All the elements of the wine label complement each other and add up to a common idea, which was fundamental to the design.

Marsoig Vi Solidari project

How to make 1,750 unique wine labels and earn over 30 thousand euros for research on childhood cancer. This is the project of Marsoig Vi Solidari, which was created in collaboration with Masroig distillery and the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. Atipus studio from Barcelona was hired to design the label. They also developed templates for labels for wine bottles, distributed them to children, and began to work together. Each label had a place for a picture. The drawing was added to the bottle as soon as it was ready


Creative agency lg2

The work that won the 2020 Epica Awards is a wine you know nothing about until you drink it. As soon as the bottle is empty, the perforated label displays information about the wine. It is a great attraction for the customers and a good idea for the design of other products when some additional information is hidden behind the contents. The work was made by the agency Lg2.

We design labels for different products in the MOLOKO agency, here are examples of our work:

How package design affects sales
How package design affects sales
How package design affects sales
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