Soap packaging design. 6 patterns and 7 trends

Soap packaging design is one of the most interesting and creative directions for development. The soap market appears to be one of the most competitive because so much creative and simply beautiful packaging cannot be explained in any other way. We do not know how many billions of dollars people make on soap, but they have no problems with taste. Now we will tell you what types of soap packaging are popular, what soap packaging design is on the wave of trends, and how to join this club of scented lovers.

Before talking about trends, it is necessary to understand what forms of soap packaging can be.

Forms of soap packaging:

1. Cardboard packaging

Typical soap packages. Dove soap gods are probably their most famous users

On the plus side, we can note that such boxes are very convenient for both users and manufacturers — they preserve the product well, are easy to transport, and the field for the design of such soap packaging is endless. They can also be transformed by different shapes of windows, made by real constructors, and sculpted almost origami with a surprise inside. Well, it’s all good, but do not forget about the product itself, even if the packaging is simpler

2. Label

A simple label that leaves our precious soap half-naked. Undoubtedly, it demonstrates the product well, but we do not guarantee the virginity of your product. This is more the lot of handmade and talented craftsmen who make limited editions or to order. Although, there is also space for soap packaging design — fonts, illustrations, and graphics.

Often such packaging goes side by side with a transparent film, but we all understand that such a film will not protect from everything.

3. Cans for liquid soap

We are not going to talk about the variety of cans and dispensers, or about the different volumes and colors of the cans. Two words — liquid soap. Well, and a couple more words about the fact that such cans can go in synergy with cardboard packaging — depending on your budget, but, of course, such soap packaging design looks premium.

4. Paper wrapper

If you rummage through Mom’s closet, you might find an old soap with the perfume «Red Moscow. It used to be put instead of moth repellent in the closet, by the way. But, of course, packaging design and soap production itself has stepped forward since then, and now there is so much you can see!

5. Creative

In this category, we include not the most popular, but still creative solutions in soap packaging design. Canvas bags, candy boxes, all kinds of wooden solutions, and in general everything that can pass for packaging. You won’t believe what people can come up with just to draw attention to their product.

6. Gift sets

Let’s make it a separate category for soap packaging design because this packaging should include a solution for several products at once. These are usually lidded or slide-out boxes, but sometimes you can find more creativity.

It’s time to move on to a narrower range of issues — trends. Soap packaging design — what is the life of the soap industry today?


Of course, it is difficult to find the best packaging design to highlight the «naturalness» of your soap. Craft paper is as harsh as men’s tears and as eco-friendly as Greta Thunberg. On top of that, such a thing can be tied with real twine — so that no one will have any questions.

Fewer words, more action. Simplified soap packaging design

A design that combines a minimum of elements, mostly 2-3 colors, based on white or translucent. This is a classic, the main thing is to know how to adapt it properly to modernity.


It would seem that a person would not need to know what the soap is made of — it’s some kind of yogurt, it smells like a peach — so it’s a peach, and it’s okay that it’s apricot. But no, the package designers play around with the different ingredients in the soap and put them at the head of the table, rendering the icons of coconut and wheat germ in full. Wiping the sweat off their face, they take great care to choose shades of color, God forbid you to think that this yellow is honey and not a lemon.

Required minimum

Fewer clothes, more products. That’s what not only the girls at the prom think, but also the designers of soap packages. Of course, why hide such beauty is the thought not only of this prom girl’s mom but also of the soap manufacturer. And we will support this already lingering joke and say that if you have something to show and you know how to play around with it — go for it!


Muse, feminine images, or simply the visualization of a successful naming. What is the first thing that catches a person’s attention? It’s not cats, dogs, or flowers — they are always people. Moreover, you can use this theme in different ways: from drawing the characters themselves to using their elements in the design of the package, as the designers did for Babo Soap, using an element of grandmothers’ headscarves. Creativity and beauty.

Natural motives

Nature in all its manifestations has always inspired people and, in particular, designers — birds, flowers, and various cute animals. Now everyone is in favor of eco-friendliness, and if you are not a follower of craft works, then you can emphasize your naturalness by using such elegant elements in the design of soap packaging.


Of course, transparent packaging can tell the most about a product, but then what is left of the design? Look how interestingly these craftsmen have played with the texture of foam and stains.

By the way, we are not lagging and use textures not only of the product but also of the skin to our fullest extent.

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