AI Helps Launch Projects 2 Times Faster. Our case

We recently completed the development of a series of characters for the KFC brand. One of the development stages is the generation of presumed AI character models using Midjourney. Let’s share a bit about how this affected the project.

1. Variability

We showed the client many different images based on specified parameters, which better allowed us to find the necessary features for future characters. And all of this very quickly. Literally, within one day we were deciding what the characters would be like. The only complexity is the correct request to get a good image that meets our requirements.

2. Better and Faster Brief for Artists

Thanks to the images and details that can be obtained using Midjourney, we were able to give a more precise task to the artist and not spend a lot of time on revisions afterward. And most importantly, there was no need to involve the artist in the early stages, which also saves time and overall resources. The artist does not spend time on work that will reduce the cost of his check.

3. Testing Hypotheses Without Losing Money

Thanks to Midjourney, we were able to test a series of descriptions and find the best one to create the best character for the client. We didn’t even think about this when we previously created characters.

4. No Need to Pay for Another Option

This is simply the best savings. Usually, when you need to see another version of the character, you need to involve the artist again, spend time, and so on. Now it all comes down to an hour of work. The creator described the character, Midjourney produced the result, and we are ready to discuss it with the client.

It’s great that the benefits are on all sides. The client reduces timelines, the agency has the opportunity to create more options without losing money, and the artist optimizes unnecessary work, and has the opportunity to earn more.

Interestingly, Midjourney is already helping us in many ways. And what about you?